NPSN Center stands up for all who seek business in Iran including owners, investors, managers, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, contractors and consultants to successfully and proficiently establish and manage their business in Iran due to commencement of post-CPCA (post-sanctions) era. We are also here to serve all who are looking for a venue for holding workshops as well as marketing in Iran neglecting buying any property, renting any office, assigning any representative, etc. To sincerely serve our customers, we are honor to provide business services involving office spaces and consultancies in four different categories:

  • Time-Based Services,
  • Flat-Rate Services,
  • Consulting Services, and
  • Memberships/Packages.

We pride ourselves to deliver customer-oriented services.

Your consent means everything to us.

Nazm Pooyan Sanat Novin (NPSN) holding its associates of NPSN Center, Dione Oil, and NPSN FS has taken the esoteric language and specific documented tools to not only assist you in managing an overall plan, group of projects or a single project but also provide you services of Partnership and Joint-Venture, Business Development, Procurement and Logistics, Jobs and Recruitment, Marketing and Market Research. NPSN will contribute you business such that to combine experience and expertise in daily business affairs with a powerful structured organization that can quickly take all your information and present it in a manner which will allow you to consistently be “on-top” of the daily, weekly and monthly progress of your field of business which is your responsibility. As consulting engineers we also assist you in your laws and regulation, legal financial, commercial, and Taxation affairs
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