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NPSN bridges two islands of Job Candidates and Job Opportunities with the help of its dedicated recruitment specialists who strive to not only understand and collect all clients’ requirements for their vacancies but also consider and match candidates’ potencies to organizations’ needs.
Our bridge, not only connect both islands to each other, but also upgrade unskillful candidates by training clients’ required skills so as to be qualified for catching the job.
To a secure and permanent recruitment, we evaluate and rank both clients and candidates for allocating the best possible choices. This evaluation has empowered us to issue candidate introduction letter and job guarantee statement respectively for clients and candidates.​

Features :

  • Understanding and Evaluating Details of Job Opportunity
  • Evaluating and Selecting Best Match of Candidates Resumes
  • Upgrading Candidates by Starting Skills Training
  • Assuring Learned Items by Performing Testing and Placement
  • Preparing Candidates Qualified to Grabbing Opportunity

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