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The world's energy industry is now challenged with a burgeoning demand in emerging economies, competition for leasing rights and financial capital, and increasing public scrutiny and regulatory demands for transparency – all while trying to ensure delivery of product with aging assets and the threat of a retiring work force. In this environment, oil and gas companies are seeking opportunities to improve processes and technologies to remain competitive.
Modern energy organizations and companies understand that continuous training is not a cost but is an investment that is as a driven force to catch opportunities. Skills development specifically in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of Oil & Gas industry that is done by providing human resources with a safe, controlled environment in which they can learn and practice using proportional instruments and correct procedures.
From the other side, they understand that introducing high-fidelity simulator systems into the training curriculum is a quick and cost-effective way to significantly improve the skills and, in turn, the productivity of human resources. The benefits of simulator systems to the mining operator can be broken down into four categories – safety, productivity, cost savings, and recruitment and skills development. Meanwhile, in terms of personnel recruitment, simulators have also been successfully used as an integral part of the screening process.
The use of simulators is not limited to inexperienced human resources or for testing purposes only, as experienced labors also need to learn new skills when new technology is released, to refresh their existing skills.

Features :

  • Project Management for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Project Management Simulation in Oil & Gas Industry 
  • Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects 
  • Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects using Simulation method
  • Cost Estimation of Oil & Gas projects fields
  • Cost Estimation Using CostOS Tool,
  • Cost Estimation of Oil & Gas projects (CAPEX, OPEX) using Simulation Methods
  • Cost Management for Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors)
  • Cost Management for Oil & Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors) using Simulation method
  • Oil & Gas projects Feasibility Study and Financial Analysis 
  • Oil & Gas projects Feasibility Study and Financial Analysis using Simulation method
  • Oil & Gas Operational Management
  • Oil & Gas Operational Management using simulation method 
  • Management of oil & gas projects including CAPEX and OPEX using NoDoC Run Time cost models and assemblies

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